Now the Release list will be cleared to prevent this. Includes file checksum verification. Several other bug fixes and code improvements! The transfer speed indicator update rate was changed from extremely fast to once per second, in order to lighten up on CPU and RAM usage, especially on older computers. Smart release version checking:

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One more step towards Flashtool integration: Fixed a weird bug that caused a delay when opening XperiFirm and «Checking for updates This will not interrupt the checking process.

XperiFirm: поиск и загрузка прошивки Sony + Видео

Sony Xperia Z1Xiaomi Mi 5. Выбираем в списке справа нужный регион, еще правее версию прошивки и жмем «Download» 3. В ошибке говорится о том, что надо запускать файл от имени администратора, а как это сделать, подскажите.

Performance now improved drastically. Fixed a crash caused by some missing files on Sony servers that messed up with xperifkrm ordering by Latest Release.

XperiFirm__(by_Igor_Eisberg).zip Download — Link 4share

Так же можно скопировать в буфер обмена исходные ссылки загрузки. Same issue applies to Xperia E and Xperia tipo. UI on Mono was basically fixed, the text is now presented correctly.

Dummy files are not downloaded. Windows 7, Windows 10 Версия: XperiFirm — скачать XperiFirm бесплатно.


Primary Sidebar

An image for every device is now displayed below the release list. Complete instructions on how to install Mono and how to use Xperifirm Tool on Linux are provided here.

The download folder will always have a unique name adding » » instead of overwriting. Use however you want and at your own risk!

Краткая инструкция по применению. Platform-specific methods were replaced with custom methods to support all platforms that have Mono installed. The date of the latest update to the device list or any of the CDF lists will be displayed below the device list.

Fixed a crash caused by some missing files on Sony servers that messed up with column ordering by Latest Release. Very nice, but you need 32 bit Java even if you have 64bit Windows.

Сообщение от Макс Артёменко. XperiFirm moves to X. Xperifirm downloads Sony firmware from official servers and there is no chance of firmware being corrupted.

In this version, caching is disabled entirely. Программа для поиска свежих прошивок на Android или Sony Xperia девайсы.

Sony XperiFirm v.4.8.2

An unexpected and rather embarrassing bug that caused a crash when selecting a CDA and then deselecting it by clicking an empty area, and then clicking a release version while no CDA is selected. OnePlus 3TOnePlus 6. Чтобы скачивать фаилы и оставлять сообщения на форуме зарегистрируйтесь или войдите через Вконтакте. If you have Flashtool installed, Java Runtime is not required.


You can scroll the lists, click xperfirm the CDAs as they are being checked and resort the list.

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You can scroll the lists, click on the CDAs as they are being checked and resort the list. I would really like tp see something like that for Android but this is awesome A new info was added to XperiFirm Downloader — the «Network» name.

Each and every device is v4.5.0.aip recognized exactly as marketed by Sony all around the UI, including devices that are merely variants of the same device.